This place was created out of desire to share my thoughts and a sheer curiosity about the process of exchange with your thoughts, those spoken and not.

My thoughts here will be unfiltered. They probably will be confusing, not only because they usually are, but also the process of transforming the thoughts into words is but an imperfect translation. They will likely be unfinished, as I’d rather drop on a paper a mold of clay the reader can shape into a myriad of things for themselves, rather than put the icing on a perfect cake. They will certainly be inconsistent because that is how I think. Inconsistency and change is what flows through my brain and in my veins. Flakiness? Well that’s who I am ha haa.

This blog is a green soda pop. Not sure about the ingredients and if it will give us a nasty heartburn. Perhaps it will taste great and take us, for a moment that is everything, closer in our otherwise separate paths, those of feelings-into-thoughts communication.

So I say, take a swig…


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