Love letters into bandaids. A series of poems inspired by short film Lettres de femmes


Hurt no longer.

Laying on the battlefield

the letter from Her

so carefully stashed by my lonesome heart

now multiplied

into love band aids

to heal my wounds.



would a man

rip Her letters into pieces.

The last, the strongest post

to keep his lifeline

his sanity.


to keep him alive.

The warmth of Her body

now embracing mine

torn by the shrapnels.


Yeah, man.

hook me up!

Bleeding my guts out here

can’t stop shaking

Yeah, here!

Look me in the eye

and say everything will be okay

the last fucking lie on Earth, I need it.

Letters? You serious?? Search me, I care no more.

Yes, that one, from my missus

what would I give to hold you once more babe.

The smell of your neck.

WTF man, really?? Don’t you dare

tearing that shit up

It is my shit, my love, my everything.

I thought you were a doctor

not a fucking crook

do you get off on taking the last bit of honour

from a man lying on the ground?

Why? What?…

Why are you plastering the shreds

onto my open wounds?

Another twist of yours??


Yeah, man.  Hook me up.



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