Craters into lakes

And so we think of those few, or one, who are dear to us.  We would like to see them happy.  We reach to the bottom of our hearts to see if we know how.  If we can feel, somehow instinctively, what are the things they need.  And at the end of that journey we may reach…ourselves.  But, wait, observing that we reached what we may want and need rather than what those whom we hold dear need, we take a step back and look for some general patterns.  Removing the content (what we need), we ask, what archetype is that?

And so for me, and after listening to story after story from people who have been broken so many times yet who yearn to make their dear ones happy, that archetypes are about being surrounded by what brings you a deep level comfort, and about having dignity.  Regardless of age, the number of ailments, the depth of your pocket. For some of us that comfort may come from memories of home, familiar smells, sights, people.  For others it will rather be the comfort of the family of choice- in lack of comforting memories of the biological home, or connection to the universe, touch of the moss on the rock, molding clay every morning in a shed, having that dog who never tires of loving you.  Now, the dignity is a tough one to define but oh, please, don’t patronize me.  Don’t think you know better.  Don’t decide for me unless I want you to. Don’t push me around or kick my knees when I am slobbering in a place I shouldn’t be, because you think I am a weirdo.  And you think you can, no one will see, or, others may actually cheer for the spectacle.

The content doesn’t matter because our stories are but the same.  But the concepts of the comfort and dignity are, what it seems we, humans, struggle to live without.  The lack of which makes us crumble, if not immediately, than over time.  The craters which we, who love you, would like to help you make into your deep blue lakes.   Take you there, where you can be your own person, and connected to whatever brings you a lasting level of comfort.


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