Fish skin

In the silver lined moss
Velvet dress against my skin
Laying in the sea of cool hair
Tonight I am an anima, fish, Kasita, myself.

Yesterday it was still me but it is today, at last, that I can look at my fins again
and recognize the fish skin and the smile
mischievously hidden down my chin.

Yesterday’s sadness, pain, cry of the V, touch not mine.
While the belly and legs heavier with the weight of the day, tonight
my eyes kindly pet my hands
painted in blue lines.

Today I met my size dog, cats that know what they want, a beautiful sick woman, a poet constructor.
I could write about each one of them.
Each has opened a new page of the book. Placed a mirror at a different angle. Looked into me.

Dog simply walking in safety into my space, heavy head on my lap
Breaking the ice with the woman, many wells
Effortless language games of his and mine.

Tonight I am swimming.


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