Chorizo skewer

Last afternoon, heavy rain outside, I wonder if my plane will take off. I am in Maria’s Donkey Tapas Bar. A surprise place in an industrial area by the river, pumpkin orange sign by the door called my name. I am the only customer in these early afternoon hours, I found a place on a large comfortable red sofa, and I am looking out the patio with small tables withstanding the shooting rain. I am looking out at the river outside, waters still moving slowly despite the rain. It is calm and comfortable here. I made a full circle once again. I am back to my roots, those of longing for warm spicy foods and wooden tables and the people who look you in the eye and smile. Brisbane, where I have tried to make home but continue to feel displaced. Townsville, shocking my nerves and making me question the choices I have made recently, feeling desperate and alone. Mackay, a small town where piercings and candy hair are but expression of self, otherwise warm country soul. Maria’s Donkey Tapas Bar, where my soul can rest. I will get there one day… For now a chorizo skewer dipped in chili and my red sofa will take me there for a moment that is everything. Joan “I don’t give a damn ‘bout my bad reputation” blazing from speakers, followed by Cohen’s bitter “Everybody knows”. Because we all keep on journeying..


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