A mongrel

Cold nose leading to the next adventure underneath the stone
with eyes fixed on the promised catch
don’t care your hair is all messy and tongue hanging out, do you.

Have been running wild for hours in the search of the smell in the wind
almost got it but now there is a new whiff to follow out there
I can run by myself or with my friend: happy eyes into the same direction.

Where I come from don’t know other than the fields in the wind smell so good
and the red open road against the blanket of stormy skies calls my name
I can go there myself or with another I, strangely drawn to the same heartache.

If I were a human I would imagine my life as a crow or a seal
If I were a tree I would be aging proud in conversation with the crust sun and the temper
But I am a mongrel and the happiest creature on earth.


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