Unexpected guest

An unordinary guest came to me unexpectedly.
When I woke up it was here uninvited and amusing
darkness still chill on my nose tip
undercover me.

Sleepbound against the blanket
I considered introductions
to the guest so impromptu showing
at the doorstep of my pillow.

Should I shake its hand first, slowly
or touch with the toes miles away there
or introduce myself with the whole body
stretching in the still grey corridors?

While I pondered how to greet thee
you were here with all your presence
glamour maybe or indifference
for how I chose to live you, the day.


2 thoughts on “Unexpected guest

    1. Ogrodniczka, I am very happy you like my little story about the unexpected guest. Wonderful to know that you read it and thanks for your comment. I hope you visit my blog often and perhaps you find here again something that picks your interest. I am happy to hear your thoughts in response to mine! 🙂

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